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How to keep your faucet clean and shiny

You might noticed in your bathroom or kitchen that sometimes chrome faucets get some white and ugly "cover", which can damage dramastically your beautiful product. In order to prevent this, we recommend you to read this short article and follow our instructions.

1. You will need a piece of soft cloth & any detergent with neutral pH (or use JUSTIME cleanser which can be acquired at any official dealer). *Don't use any abrasive or caustic cleaning agents or "non-rinse" cleaning products.

2. Apply the detergent on the faucet's surface and spread it evenly.

3. Rinse the cleanser off the faucet with water. Use a dry soft cloth to finish the cleaning.

After this procedure you faucet will look fresh, shiny and clean. Regular faucet cleaning is highly recommended to extend its lifespan.

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